How to choose the right educational goal?

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How to choose the right educational goal?

When you choose education, you often have many thoughts. Here’s advice on what to think about before choosing an education.

Take the time and get information on the possibilities before choosing an education. What is important to you in a job? What do you like best to do and what are you good at? Which industries have society in the future?

Read about different professions, find out how the various programs are built, and check which jobs you can search for completed education. You can often find a lot of information on the schools’ websites. In addition, there are separate websites with information about different professions, education and the like. On such websites you can also read interviews with former students. For example, look at to get a better idea of ​​how business / education actually is. You can read more about where to find training information in the article below.

What do you like?

When choosing an education, it is wise to think about what you like to do and what you are good at. Begin by thinking through questions like this:
• Do you like to work with the theoretical subjects at school, or would you rather work with something more practical?
• Which topics do you like least and which ones you like best?
• What are you good at? In what jobs do you think these properties can come in handy?
• What jobs can you subsequently get with the education you are considering and how difficult is it to get the jobs you see for you?
• Which business circles will there be a great need for in society when you are graduated?
• Would you prefer to educate yourself on a high school profession or do you want to study further afterwards?
• Do you know someone who has a job that you think is exciting?
• How long will you be training?
• How do you see that you have this year?
Feel free to write down your answers. Often it is easier to first find out what you do not want to be, and thus you will remove some education and business. Also write a list of everything that is important to you in a job. So try to find education and career paths that measure most of your points.

What are your interests?

Many are overwhelmed by many different occupations and education, and it can often be difficult to choose direction. Maybe you have more interests? Or do you find it hard to know what you really like?
You may see the job compass on Here you can choose an area you are interested in and get help finding a business that suits you. By pushing you further into the profession, you also get information about which education and schools you can choose. You will also find an interest test on, which is worth checking out.
Just keep in mind that the tests alone do not provide an answer to what fits you perfectly.
Make a list of “for and against”
This is a great way to sort out your thoughts and help you get an overview of what you actually want and what you think is most important when choosing.
Example: Play
For: I am interested in career, I am interested in how the body works and is structured, the job seems varied and exciting.
Courage: I am not so good at science, I have to have very high grades in all subjects to enter.
Talk to people who work with what you can imagine
Maybe you know someone who is an engineer or a nurse? Or who is a student in a school that you think is interesting? Ask the person what education they chose, what work tasks they have in their jobs, what kind of jobs they can use with this education and so on.
It is also possible to read professional interviews online. At you will find an overview of a number of professions where you also find professional interviews. At you can read interviews with students in different programs at the upper secondary school, if you are still unsure of which line you should choose.


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