How to choose the right university for you?

How to choose a university

How to choose the right university for you?

Young people who are going to take higher education should understand what alternatives exist and what opportunities they have. It is important to take what we call informed choices.

Moreover, it is not only emotions and reason that determine what we choose to study. There are not least traditions and expectations, and they can be challenged with advantage.

The figures show that girls choose other education than boys. Young people with an immigrant background choose differently than young people with a majority background, and young people with highly educated parents choose differently from youths from families without traditions for higher education.

There are, for example, few boys and young people with immigrant background who choose teacher education – but it is absolutely necessary for these groups in the school.

Examine job opportunities

– Education that initially seems trustworthy can provide many interesting job opportunities, while some exciting education offers limited opportunities for relevant work, says Wiers-Jenssen.

She points out that some industries are characterized by strong competition and few permanent jobs. This applies, among other things, to some creative professions, for example in the field of art and culture. Fixed job may not be important when you are young and free, but if you want to start a family or buy a home, the freelance life can be demanding.

Wiers-Jenssen advises applicants to also reflect on what kind of working time arrangements relevant jobs have: Is there a great flexibility in working hours and attendance, is it regular daily working hours or is there a lot of evening and tour work?

– If you want a nine-to-four job, maybe neither film director nor nursing education is the thing.

Most change jobs

It is motivating to take an education you care about, while pure-minded education choices can lead to a greater risk of dropping out of your studies.

“Fortunately, most of us are not so untrained that we only fit into one particular study or profession,” says the education researcher.

Also, many educations provide opportunities to begin in several different professions, and most will change jobs several times throughout their lives.

– Therefore, you may want to choose something that opens for more opportunities.

At the same time, it is important to be aware that several educational alternatives can realize the same type of interest and ambitions. If you want to stand in front of an audience, there are more possibilities than to become an artist or actor. If you like to write, journalist and fiction writer are not the only options.

– It is nice to make a living out of a hobby, but it can also be rewarding to keep it as just that, advises the educational researcher.

From theater to teacher

Annette Aaru goes the first year at the primary school teacher education at OloMet and says that she chose education with both her head and heart – but most with her heart. She is an educated actor and has an acting job with a children’s theater as an extra job next to the studies.

The way from the acting profession to the teaching profession was not self-explanatory for my part, as there are great differences between these professions. However, I investigated the various educational opportunities that existed out there and sought out a teacher who gave me insight into what her job was going on, she says.

After this, she became interested and found the link to the acting play: the social mission.

– Common to both professions is that culture is very important. In each way, the theater arena and the school arena provide important cultural input and is something we need in our society.

She is confident that she will bring playfulness and knowledge of drama in teaching. She has great faith in playing for learning.

– It is also talked about that drama should become a separate subject in school, and I think that is exciting. By working with acting, students can develop both academically and socially, says Aarup.

Her council to study seekers is talking to some outsiders, because they can often give good advice.

– In my case, this was a teacher who made me understand what the job that the teacher really is about.


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